Babyproof Window Locks

Around 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia each year.

Parents and carers should regularly check the windows and balconies in their home to ensure that the window locks are installed and security screens are in place.


Window Cable Restrictor

The Window Restrictor prevents children from opening the window and reduces the risk of window fall injuries. 

brass lock 1.jpg

Brass Sliding Lock

Brass Sliding Lock limit window openings. 


Sliding Window and Door Lock

The Sliding Window and Door Lock is an adhesive lock that prevents curious children from opening a sliding window.


Window Vent Lock

The Window Vent Lock allows for ventilation through the house while preventing children from opening the window. 


Blind Cord Wraps

Keep your little ones safe from a serious injury danger by wrapping curtain and blind cords.



Car Window Shades

Keeps the UV rays out of the car without impairing vision. The Car Window Shade allows your baby to travel in the car with comfort. 

Kids Don't Fly

The 'Kids Don't Fly' safety campaign run by The Children's Hospital at Westmead, reminds parents that children can fall out of a window that is open more than 12.5cm – even if a fly screen is present.


"As a majority of window and balcony falls occur in a child's own home, it is important that parents and carers are reminded of the importance of supervision, and how to keep children safe around windows and balconies," 

Professor Danny Cass, Head of Trauma at The Children's Hospital at Westmead


In order to protect your child from falls and serious injuries, it is recommended to follow some basic safety measures:


  • Keep all objects that toddlers and children can climb on e.g chairs, shelves, toy boxes away from window and balconies. ​

  • Don't rely on fly screens to be the ONLY barrier

  • Check that window locks have been installed and are locked when children are near. 

  • Always supervise children when near windows and balconies. ​​