Kitchen Safety

In most households, kitchens are the main hub of the home. It’s often where families spend most of their time. Whether it be spending hours cooking, eating, chatting and laughing. Unfortunately, there are also some hidden dangers in this area that parents need to be mindful of for babies and toddlers.

The good news is it only takes a few tweaks and changes to make this amazing space safe for all the family.

  1. Place knife blocks into cupboards that are out of reach from little hands, or push them towards the back of the bench against the wall.

  2. When cooking use the back burners on the stove first and turn pot handles away from the edge. If you need to use all the burners on a stovetop use the back burners for high temperature cooking and the front burners for lower temperature cooking.

  3. Store cleaning and household products away in a high and preferably locked cupboard.

  4. Don't let appliance cords hang off the side of the bench. If you're not using the appliance, put it away.

  5. Check to see if your oven and dishwasher has a child lock option. If it doesn’t you can attach an oven lock onto the door or use a multi-lock on the dishwasher.

  6. Be mindful when chopping food for dinner on the bench. If an item hits the ground it can easily become a choking item to a baby. Keep your kitchen floor safe.

  7. Move all low lying magnets up high and out of reach from babies and toddlers. Magnets are an extreme choking risk for small children and babies.

  8. Place latches and clips on draws that have contents that are undesirable for your child to play with. Think glassware, alcohol cabinets, dining ware.

  9. Teach your toddler key kitchen safety rules. The stove is hot, do not touch it, the space under the stove and around the oven is not for playing, the oven is hot if touched.

  10. Most importantly always supervise your child. Babies and toddlers have busy little hands and keeping them safe is best done when watching them.

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