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As I stare at the numerous towels that have been pulled out of the cupboard, rolls of toilet paper scattered around my bathroom, and the endless amount of baby wipes that are thrown into the air by my 11 month old, the Christmas dream of having my beautifully pre-baby decorated Christmas tree up and shining have disappeared.

For many, the festive season is very exciting. Trying to figure out how a curious toddler and a Christmas tree co-exist safely can be hard work.

Here are a few of our top tips to get you safely through this Festive Season:

  • Installing a 3 in 1 gate placed around your Christmas tree and presents will stop little hands from pulling down the tree or ripping open presents before the big day.

  • Although not as exciting, a smaller Christmas tree placed on a cupboard or table well out of reach.

  • Consider buying a Christmas tree that has fibre optics rather than string lights. Lights can be a choking hazard and break easily if pulled at by little children

  • To avoid your little one gaining access to low hanging or fallen decorations, try only decorating the top half of the tree.

  • Make a felt Christmas tree. Not as pretty but little kids will enjoy pulling the decorations on and off the felt tree all through December.

  • Place the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve.

  • Decorate your tree with non-breakable and non-chokable objects.

  • Don’t use tinsel. Tinsel is a major choking hazard for little children.

  • If you are brave and decide to go ahead with a fully decorated tree at the very least ensure that you anchor it to prevent it from tipping over.

Most importantly enjoy the festive season with your loved ones. It's a special time even if your Christmas tree isn’t at its full merry capacity.

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